Cycling: BMX top photos

Take a look at these BMX freestyle photos.


Surfing: He surfs an explosion wave

Unbelievable guys, surfing in the very center of the city.. All they need for that.. is a BOMB ­čÖé ( VIDEO )

Skateboarding: Freestyle in early 80’s

Nice skateboarding freestyle of 1986. The tricks are really cool , and style... just perfect Watch video Wait a sec, just found one more nice vid, it also goes back to the year 1986. Really nice moves! Even Rodney Mullen could learn something from their  style.

Rodney Mullen skateboarding

He was among inventors of tricks like Heelflip, Kickflip and Impossible. I like this guy, cause of his special flatland style. Rodney Mullen is real skateboarding king: this is what I call extreme freestyle.