Climbing: Dan Osman free solo legend

6 thoughts on “Climbing: Dan Osman free solo legend”

  1. iv seen quiet a few of his climbs over the internet and they have impressed me, but i am a urban free solo climber and locally known as the “leedsclimber”, im wondering if there is any forums or pages that have the names of other climbers on, so that i could put my name on it too and be recognised, the legend alain robert is rather much of an inspiration to me but on the other hand quiet a competition, some day i would like to be like him but for now im not recognised enough yet, the areas in wich i have already climber in the UK are “Leeds, York, Manchester, Liverpool, Thirsk, Northumberland, halifax, sheffield and also chesea, these areas most of the common landmarks have been climber and been succesfull, i feel a slight dissapointment that after my adventures and acomplishments i am still yet to be noticed, could someone please try and help me and give me some information as to how i can become more recognised, any help is very much appreciated . thank you


  2. The category was hottest divas. Kelly Kelly is an acceptable answer. Whoever gave you a down vote report to the parking lot and give me twenty bumps!


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