Cycling: BMX Flatland Freestyle

Here we go to some BMX Flatland tricks. It turns to be an old school BMX cycling style, but due to the evolution of nowadays' extreme sports... guys really show some magic. My favorite is last dude! When he holds one hand on the bar and one on the seat of his BMX and turning …


Skateboarding: Rodney Mullen in Japan

Rodney Mullen shows some old school moves in Japan also in early 80's. As i remember it was 1984. ( VIDEO HERE )

Snowmobile: Backflip

Take a look at this low freestyle action on snowmobile. I really could not imagine, that it is possible: to do a backflip on snowmobile. And after that he makes it look so easy... Oh NO! It's not all! It  was just a beginner . This one is real pro, showing some cute huge airs …