Skateboarding tricks from Bob Burnquist

Hey dudes check that grait air skateboard tricks from Bob Burnquist. He had built worlds largest skateboarding ramp near his house to practice some huge gaps! I like Bob, cause of his creativity and of course, cause of his awesome skateboard tricks. He also won some great amount of skateboard contests, like X Games, The …


Kite surfing: Nice skills

Great kiteboarders surfing somewhere near Tenerife island. They show some beautiful slills in kitesurfing with their incredible turns and board grabs: can't find great kitesurfer Manu Bertin videos. 'll post later

Downhill mountain biking

Here's some extreme mountain biking video. It's the longest downhill mountain bike ride ever. Really i've never seen the guys keep going on their downhill bikes for so long. All the videos u meet on YouTube and PinkBike - it is fallin and then again fallin.. bonebrakers!!!.. But this dude is a real pro.. and …