Skateboarding tricks from Bob Burnquist

Hey dudes check that grait air skateboard tricks from Bob Burnquist. He had built worlds largest skateboarding ramp near his house to practice some huge gaps! I like Bob, cause of his creativity and of course, cause of his awesome skateboard tricks. He also won some great amount of skateboard contests, like X Games, The Coolio Games, Slam City Jam.

Here u go:

Ok this one was great!! But do you remember 24 March 2006, when Bob Burnquist became a part of  skateboarding and extreme sports history forever. He made a real unique trick. He flew out of mega ramp, from the very edge of canyon, then he made 50-50 grind on the rail, and after he base jumped down to the Hell Hole Bend. He made it from the third attempt , and landed perfectly on the bottom of Grand Canyon. I still remember “Transworld Skateboarding” cover 🙂

C’mon here is the video:

Ok, Bob u are real genius. Great skateboarding and nice base jumping !

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