Football freestyle meets martial arts

Take a look at that guys! I really don't know how to call that. Is it parkour soccer freestyle, or martial arts football?? But they are nice , really nice., show some extreme accurate moves.


Street soccer freestyle

Skilled street soccer freestyler, skilled like nobody else. He shows some unbelivable tricks with the ball. The name of that xtreme freestyler is Tsatsulow.

Parkour in the year 1977

Who said David Belle was the first traceur? Take a look at this powerfuk guy, making his parkour attempts in 70s: ( VIDEO HERE ) It seems to come from documentary named "Gizmo" by Howard Smith

Female parkour

Take a look at this cute girl, and her perfect parkour moves: I've found one more female traceur Olivia Rowlands: About female parkour.. basicly, i didn't think that girls should try things like that. But when i saw Liv and Kat in the action, i've changed my mind. Of course it's dangerous, but it looks …