Alain Robert urban climbing

Alain Robert great french rock and urban climber. They call him Spiderman! In my opinion Robetr is not so great in rock climbing like Dan Osman. But what can I say about his urban climbing, he is a real pro.  He scaled 85 very high structures all around the world. Some of them are in the list of  world’s tallest structures. His urban climbing began from the time he was 12, he forgot the keys and was locked out of his parents 8-floor apartment, and he simply climbed the exterior wall to his home.

Take a look at this brave man:

Here’s one more video of him climbing 150 meter building in Abu Dhabi:

One Reply to “Alain Robert urban climbing”

  1. I was looking for inspiration for some clubwear designs and I came across a Parkour video on YouTube…

    I really couldn’t believe my eyes at some of the things you can get up to!

    Is it just me or does everybody find the natural use of the human body super-impressive?

    Anyway, I’ll try and get some t-shirts suitable for the free movement that determines the grace and power of Parkour.

    I’ve put up a blog about it too – I was that impressed!

    Maybe I can get some constructive comments back?
    Party on!


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