Skateboarding trick tips

Nice summer!… i started practicing some skateboarding tricks. I’ve been seeking for some tight tips everywhere, and here are the best lessons i’ve found:


Ollie is one of the aerial skateboard tricks was invented in the year 1976 by Alan “Ollie” Gelfand. Later Rodney Mullen adapted it to flatland boarding. (Read more…)


The kickflip was also known as magic flip and ollie flip, or just flip. Kickflip is also aerial skb trick, and invented also by my favorite skateboarder R. Mullen in 1983. (Read more…)


Heelflip is the same thing as a Kickflip but u flip your board in the opposite direction.

180 Ollie:

Pop shove-it:

Like Ollie but u give it a little spin. (Read more…)


it’s impossible to impossible 🙂


Lipslide and all other slides here (Read more…)

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