bmx games to play

Yesterday searched for bmx bike game online. And decieded to post a little review on the subject.

Game #1 : BMX Extreme

absolutely the worst game i found. even don’t try.. ok.. but if u will, i made there double barspin + tailwhip + backflip  it was great))

Game #2 : BMX Park

Nice one… almost 3d game 🙂 nice moves, very high ollie let do unbelievable bmx tricks, and combinations

Game #3 : BMX Tricks

Perhaps the best one, nice drawn bmx flash game,. takes a couple of minutes to learn the moves.. and then u can do anything, this game really gives u a little bit of good bmx dynamics and freedom… u can grind u can flip, u can just give a nice BMX race ! c’mon! 🙂

Game #4 : BMX Stunts

I couldn’t manage to do something nice in this game, cause of it’s dynamics, that is so uncomfortable for me. but u can try. Music is funny, and the guy on the bike is perfectly drawn.

Have a bmx bike game online now !


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