Ryan Sheckler skateboarding clips

42 thoughts on “Ryan Sheckler skateboarding clips”

  1. That’s awesome!

    Ryan Schekler will do (and is doing) skateboarding proud – Happy to see so many young talents coming through the ranks to lead the next generation into skateboarding!


  2. OMG! He is so awsome!
    he is the one who made me wanna start skateboarding when i was 8 now ive been doing it for like 7 years!
    he is my idol and will always will be!
    he has proved that anyone can do something if they put thier mind and heart into it!
    Thankyou Ryan for Being my idol for many years ily!

    ♥Ms Sheckler!


  3. Eres un chico fantastico
    te mereces ganar todititas las competencias te lo mereces
    y espero q encuentres a tu chica q te lo mereces


  4. ♥♥♥ ryan sheckler ♥♥♥
    …… je svetovýý a kraasny a to co dokaaze na sk8te??? naprosto geniaalne!!! looobkaaam ta mooc ryanko sheckler!!!!! :D:D


  5. te adoro soy tu fan numero uno soy de peru pero aunque estes lejor desde aqui te apoyo ojala te conozca un dia de estos
    y ahora estoy vien tu vida en mtv….. muchos besitos adios


  6. ryan te amoo eres lo mejor q hay te felicito x todos tus logrosssss… uff estas super lejor de mi pero no dejo q soñar contigoo.. te amoOo…. y estoy dispuesta a irme para EE.UU para por lo mejos verte en personaaa… CUIDATE MUCHO Maria Gabrielaa de barinas venezuelaaa…! (L) nunca voy a perder las esperanzaa de conocertee……….!!!! tkm


  7. Ryan is HOT!!! is beautiFULLLL and I Loveee You!!! Is sensation, is handsome and sexyyy !!!( is true)

    Is Isabela, from Venezuela!!! Love =)


  8. Jesus christ why dont you just get on your knees and start licking his balls. he’s good but he’s in it for all the wrong reasons. and by the way his show sucks…


  9. es ist echt krass was der ziht die caps und dass so hoch ich würde mir alles knochen brechen aber ich bin schon am üben er ist der beste mein idol


  10. OMG!!!!! I LLOOOVVEEE RHYAN…..HE IS SOOO HOTT N SEXY! !!!!!!!…..keep living ur dream ryan….LOVE UUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ~~~~Nicole Kilby!!


  11. Ryan, you look like to me a brave persona with the case of your parents and your distress for the lack(mistake) of love of your father … the same thing happens to my me I understand you..


  12. To be honest, he’s amazin.. nd well i cnt say he’s bad lookin either.. sum ov my mates wud luv be lyk him.. they luv skatin nd ur one ov there role models.. 😛


  13. tas q t oartis nene!!!!
    t amoo!!
    si tibiera la oportunidad d tenerte alado!!!

    haa, y si t tengo allado me desmayo, jaja
    sos re lindo

    mi cel es 098659126

    te amoo!!!!



  14. heyyyy! RYAN i love u you are so cute n hot keep going we love u so much you are special we loooooooooooooooooove SHECKLER !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  15. I’ll never understand the people who put Rodney Mullen in the same sentence as Ryan Sheckler unless that are talking about how much better Rodney Mullen is. Oh well I guess mentioning Rodney gets you the occasional serious skateboarder google hit also.


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