Daniel Dhers BMX

Daniel Dhers

Take a look at that guy from Caracas, Venezuela, extreme bmx pro rider Daniel Dhers. This guy totally breaking my mind by his air combos. Take a look at this video from X Games, where Daniel won the Gold. And again his combos, like 360 & double tail whip, and this backflip with 180 and other tricks look just crazy:

It took place in 2007, and do you remember Dew Action Sports Tour ? so Daniel won the dew cup on the two of tours (2006, 2007). And his combos were as great as they could be 🙂 🙂

Here’s one more perfect video of his. It was..  mmm.. LG Action Sports World Championship in 2006, and it took place Dallas, TX

He is just great, i’ve found one more clip, here some of his nice BMX moves shawn in nice quality and in slow motion:

3 Replies to “Daniel Dhers BMX”

  1. epalex viejo no si te acuerdes de mi pero te recuerdo cuaando i vas al skaterpark en maturin monagas vanezuela..yo le doy al skaterboarding..viejo sogue….


  2. epale brother soy de un gran grupo de bmx de merida venezuela y somos admiradores tuyos pero de que nos sirbe admirar a alguien que ni se preocupa por su profecion representando a nuestro pais ademas tenemos + de 5 años peleando con el estado para poder construir un buen skaterpark y nada que los politicos de aqui lo ayudan a uno a progresar seria bueno que una estrella como usted nos pudiera ayudar y asi serias mas que un heroe para las bmx de esta ciudad te lo agradeseriamos


  3. hellow i am niko and i from argentina a beatifull plase.
    first How do you do a backflip ??
    second how do you do a 180 ??
    if someone know how to do this trick please write thank you


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