Jon Olsson extreme skiing

Jon Olsson

Ok, What can i say about the guy, who has 10 Winter X-Games medals. Jon Olsson is a legend of winter extreme sports,  and a hero of X-Games. His skiing is much more than just skiing , just take a look at that list:

  1. 2008  X-Games, Big Air, Aspen, USA
  2. 2007  Icer Air, Big Air, San Francisco, USA
  3. 2007  Ski and Snowboard Festival, Big Air, Whistler, Canada
  4. 2007  US Freeskiing Open, Slope Style, Copper Mountain, USA
  5. 2006  Jon Olsson Invitational, Big Air, Åre, Sweden
  6. 2006  Ski and Snowboard Festival, Big Air, Whistler, Canada
  7. 2005  World Superpipe Champion, Park City, USA
  8. 2004  Scandinavian Championships, Big Mountain, Riksgränsen, Sweden
  9. 2004  Nokia Totally Board, Big Air, Greece
  10. 2004  Ski and Snowboard Festival, Big Air, Whistler, Canada
  11. 2003  Rip Curl, Total, Saas Fee, Switzerland
  12. 2003  Rip Curl, Big Air, Saas Fee, Switzerland
  13. 2003  Ski and Snowboard Festival, Big Air, Whistler, Canada
  14. 2003  Ski and Rock, Slopestyle, Sälen, Sweden
  15. 2003  Red Bull Big Air, Åre, Sweden
  16. 2003  Air we go, Big Air, Oslo, Norway

Do you know what is it? Jon Olsson is the gold winner of all this competitions and contests!

And here are his other achievments:

  • 2005 4th Jon Olsson Invitational
  • 2005 3rd X-Games, Superpipe
  • 2005 3rd X-Games, Slopestyle
  • 2005 3rd US Freeskiing Open, Slopestyle
  • 2005 5th US Freeskiing Open, Big Air
  • 2004 2nd Rip Curl, Slopestyle
  • 2004 3rd Rip Curl, Halfpipe
  • 2004 3rd US Freeskiing Open, Big Air
  • 2004 2nd X-Games, Superpipe
  • 2004 3rd X-Games, Slopestyle
  • 2003 2nd Cape TownTotally Board
  • 2003 3rd Rip Curl, Halfpipe
  • 2003 2nd Rip Curl, Slopestyle
  • 2003 2nd King of the Globe
  • 2003 2nd
  • 2003 2nd US Freeskiing Open
  • 2003 4th US Freeskiing Open
  • 2003 3rd X-Games, Superpipe
  • 2003 3rd X-Games, Slopestyle

Just take a look at this video, here is his gold run on the pipe, on winter X-Games 2004:

Jon Olsson is inventor of some new, extreme freestyle double flips, that are two separate flips in one air, such as D-spin 720 into a flatspin 540 (DJ Flip),  switch double rodeo 1080 (Hexo Flip), and the most amazing one a double flatspin 900 (Kangaroo Flip). Here is the video of his Kangaroo flip:

Not a long time ago, it was allready year 2008, Jon Olsson with S.Dumont and Schiller involved in a complete new open freeskiing content. The name was.. mm something like Winter American Open, a ok here it is the North American Open at Breckenridge. In this event there is a new format of qualifing. Every rider has as many runs as he manage to do through a daylight to show himself in front of the judges. When a rider hears the “bib”, he is qualified for the next level.

Here some more great moves from Jon in this video, just perfect flips, grinds and everything else:

Go Olsson! Go Jon!!!

2 Replies to “Jon Olsson extreme skiing”

  1. I was just on his website, it says

    Jon Olsson is one of the worlds best allround skiers.
    He holds eight Winter X-Games medals, won his own competition
    Jon Olsson Invitational 2006 and has won world-renowned competitions
    like the X Games in Aspen, US Free skiing Open in Vail, Red Bull Big Air in Åre,
    Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships in Riksgränsen and the World
    Superpipe Championships in Whistler BC.

    Jon’s professionalism, technical perfection and general presence have positioned him as the leader of a new movement in skiing, sure to bring
    a new image and resurgence to the sport.


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