Olympic BMX

Finally at least some of extreme sports appeared on the olympics! 8)

The IOC Executive Committee decided to include BMX racing ( Bicycle Motocross Race) in the XXIX Olympics ( 2008 Summer Olympics ) during meeting in Prague, on June 29th 2003.

So here are some details about BMX competitions at the Laoshan venue in Beijing:

Nice Track! First of all according to the olympic schedule the seeding phase and quarterfinals were set on August 20, and semifinals and finals on August 21. But due to the weather conditions, BMX semifinals and finals for both men and women have been rescheduled for Friday, August 22. Start of competitions are set to 9 a.m. On the next photo you can see BMX Venue, covered from rain for today:

So we are waiting forward for tomorrow semifinals and finals, i hope will see some great runs!

And for today, i have one BMX racing video for you, it is from Dew tour San Jose:

And u know why i’ve choosen this one? OK… 🙂 now watch it for the second time, and pay attention to the commentators speech on the second run between 1:10-1:30

LOL! He shows some nice rap freestyle ! 8)

cYa 8)

3 Replies to “Olympic BMX”

  1. The Olympic Motto is “Faster, Higher and Stronger”. If that were the criteria, then BMX is DEFINITELY an Olympic Sport…How about BMX showjumping? Pole Vault is getting pretty “yawn-inspiring”| don’t you think?

    P.S.: I used to hit local cul-de-sacs with my BMX not too long ago c”,

    RAD post dude, Rad post! c”,


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