Skateboard grind rail blueprints

grind rail

So how to make a simple skateboarding grind rail. Frankly speaking for me it is absolutely clear, when i look at this picture (^) 🙂 But if U need blueprints, here u go, thats what i found:

skateboard grind rail blueprint


Now, when finished with that simple grind rail u can also make yourself cool multisectional funbox ramp:


Section A blueprint
Section B blueprint
Section C blueprint
Section D blueprint
Section E blueprint
Section F blueprint

ready! steady! go!

And some more usefull stuff:

Speedbump Funbox Ramp blueprints
Bank Ramp blueprints
Launch Ramp blueprints
Pyramid Funbox Ramp blueprints
Quarterpipe Ramp blueprints
Coping Installation Instructions

Here U go!

blueprints by

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