Sandboarding pro: Raymond Inixab

Raymond 2

Hey hey hey, i m back, and this time with sandboarding pro Raymond!

Raymond Inixab is one of the world’s most experienced sandboarders, with 2 World Sandboarding Championships under his belt (2001 & 2002) and a sandboarding training business in Namibia – home to the world’s largest sand dunes.

Raymond 3

As well as training mere mortals how to master the art of sandboarding, Raymond has also taught A-List celebs including hollywood’s hottest couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, whilst they were holidaying in Africa.

Raymond’s skills are often called upon by film and advertising companies across the globe. He co-ordinated a *Seal* Music Video and worked on the BBC’s‘Tropic of Capricorn’ series, as well as countless commercials for global companies such as Coca Cola and Audi. When a sandboarding stunt is needed – Raymond is your man.

Facts and Figures

Raymond is 33 years old and born in Khorixas, in Damaraland Namibia.

He is married and has 3 young children.

And just so you know…

He is a keen footballer and plays in a 2nd division football team – ‘Swakop United F.C. Alongside his playing duties, Raymond also teaches the youth team and is the club manager.

And here are some sandboarding tips:

Raymond’s Top Sandboarding tips

1. Keep your knees bent at all times

2. Your weight must be in the middle of the board, if you put too much weight on your front foot, you’ll wipe out

3. Don’t be afraid of speed. In sandboarding its important to keep you speed up or you will lose balance and hit the deck before you know it

4. Loose the fear. Unlike hard snow or ice, sand is gentle to land on, so don’t be afraid of falling over

5. Don’t carve as much as snowboarding as it will slow you down too much. If you do need to change direction or slow down slightly, opt for sharp slalom style carving over large and slow carving


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