Danny MacAskill unbelievable video

Hey guys! I think everybody allready seen this tough scottish trial pro Danny MacAskill.

danny macaskill video
Danny MacAskill

Oh really ‘my ass-is-kicked’ even more, ‘My As-is-Kill’d’ by his april video for Inspired Bikes. And by it’s number of views on Youtube, 12155053 omfg!!

But this dude really costs a million! Just take a look at his magnificent style of doin absolutely insane tricks on his trial bike. Doing extreme ‘BMX’ vert tricks on a simple street surfaces. Impressed! 🙂

Ok straight to the video:

Remember his old great video with Cake soundtrack: Danny MacAskill video

i even didn’t know his name 🙂

and now his new promo video for s1jobs. Peacefull vid. Danny nice equiP !


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