Corey Bohan or ‘BMX in the Night’

Corey Bohan BMX
Corey Bohan

Corey Bohan top rated BMX rider, in 2006. Lets’s see what he is up to.

btw there were some gossips about him and Adrina Patridge. Oh yeah,… here they were seen together 🙂

but phuck that, let’s see some skills on the next video: Corey Bohan – Night riding footage by Red Bull team:

like that vid, tight tricks!

But frankly speaking, i think there is something wrong with his style, but his technics is indisputably awesome.

one more his video from Red Bull Empire Of Dirt 2008

And the last video, but not the least, Corey also appears to be here on Fiji on Red Bull Tabua.

I am sure they got thousands of great photos and clips there. Stunning landscapes! check it:

that’s all 4 today, cya

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