CR Johnson dies at Squaw Valley

cr johnson

C. R. JohnsonCharles Russell Johnson was an American freestyle skier and freeride pro. Today he lost his life in a accident fall while skiing a steep chute at Squaw Valley, California, his home mountain.

Huffingtonpost says:

Johnson, 26, who has competed in the Winter X Games, was skiing with a group of friends Wednesday afternoon when he fell while trying to negotiate a “very, very tight, rocky area,” said Jim Rogers, a member of the Lake Tahoe-area resort’s ski patrol.

He fell face-first, then spun around and struck the back of his head on rocks in the Light Towers area of the resort. Johnson was wearing a helmet, but Rogers said the helmet took a serious blow.


He already had one horrific accident in 2005, at Brighton, Utah. C.R. had a  serious brain injury when Kye Peterson accidentally landed on him. After that, he was put into a medically-induced coma for 10 days. It was a long way back for him. He had to relearn even the most basic motor skills and even talking. team mourns this really unique rider a lot. And now let’s remember who was Charles Russel for the world of extreme sports. He was the first skier to do a 1440, four complete 360 degree spins. He won the US Open against Tanner Hall in 2002. He had a lot of gold, silver and bronze in Winter X Games. (Superpipe, Big Air, Slopestyle)

Rest In Peace C.R.

And here some tight freeride moves by Charles in this video:


2 Replies to “CR Johnson dies at Squaw Valley”

  1. It is sad to know that there are lives taken because of extreme sports in spite of skills and knowledge. There are uncertainties that may happen while trying an adventure but the fun and satisfaction from extreme sports made the idea really worth a try!


  2. That is so sad! Great article though! It was well written and does justice to the tragic situation. Thank you!

    Rob Whittaker, Paramotor Sports Extreme


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