Shaun White 11 years old

Some guy on Youtube said "theres only one god..... and he's norwegian!" It was about Terje Haakonsen snowboarding. Bu take a short look at Shaun White ( he is only 11 here): For those who remember his gold half-pipe in Torino:

Snowmobile: Backflip

Take a look at this low freestyle action on snowmobile. I really could not imagine, that it is possible: to do a backflip on snowmobile. And after that he makes it look so easy... Oh NO! It's not all! It  was just a beginner . This one is real pro, showing some cute huge airs …

Skateboarding: Freestyle in early 80’s

Nice skateboarding freestyle of 1986. The tricks are really cool , and style... just perfect Watch video Wait a sec, just found one more nice vid, it also goes back to the year 1986. Really nice moves! Even Rodney Mullen could learn something from their  style.