Corey Bohan or ‘BMX in the Night’

Corey Bohan top rated BMX rider, in 2006. Lets's see what he is up to. btw there were some gossips about him and Adrina Patridge. Oh yeah,... here they were seen together 🙂 but phuck that, let's see some skills on the next video: Corey Bohan - Night riding footage by Red Bull team: like …


Fixed Gear bike tricks

Oh those crazy freaks! What for they need BMX's or Street MTB, if they can show THAT on a fixed gear bikes! Meet Sam and Will Miller:

Olympic BMX

Finally at least some of extreme sports appeared on the olympics! 8) The IOC Executive Committee decided to include BMX racing ( Bicycle Motocross Race) in the XXIX Olympics ( 2008 Summer Olympics ) during meeting in Prague, on June 29th 2003. So here are some details about BMX competitions at the Laoshan venue in …