Skateboard grind rail blueprints

So how to make a simple skateboarding grind rail. Frankly speaking for me it is absolutely clear, when i look at this picture (^) 🙂 But if U need blueprints, here u go, thats what i found: CLICK TO ENLARGE Now, when finished with that simple grind rail u can also make yourself cool multisectional …


Riley Hawk

So Riley Hawk, son of Tony Hawk .. and he follows in his dad's footsteps! He shows high levelled skateboarding, in his own style., making unbelievable grinds and everything!!.. So lets go straight to the videos: And one more video, but not Riley's... it's his dad Tony making his 900! OMG he is damn good …

Street skateboarding video clips

Here some street skateboarding videos that really impressed me last month. Some tight moves from Chad Musca: And some youtube "best skateboarding tricks ever" compilation clip here: Huge GAPs!! enjoy:)