Fixed Gear bike tricks

Oh those crazy freaks! What for they need BMX's or Street MTB, if they can show THAT on a fixed gear bikes! Meet Sam and Will Miller:

Street BMX freestyle

Some awesome bmx tricks here. Guys showing some extra skills, doin unbelievable combinations of hops, grinds, 180s, 360s,.. and much more. more nice freestyle bmx moves from these guys here:

Biking trials

Here some cycling news, and some new videos.. How about some guys , who show some parkour on their bikes. Yeah i mean some trial pro riders. They making some unbelievable bike tricks: like drop from a 10 feet!! Frankly speaking, in my opinion biking trials, is really most interesting and perfect-looking style in cycling …

Mountain bike stunts

Take alook at this guy, doing amazing stunts on his mountain bike. His wheelies are something extraordinary!! So what can I say about his no-handed wheelies! Woow!