Fixed Gear bike tricks

Oh those crazy freaks! What for they need BMX's or Street MTB, if they can show THAT on a fixed gear bikes! Meet Sam and Will Miller:

Street skateboarding video clips

Here some street skateboarding videos that really impressed me last month. Some tight moves from Chad Musca: And some youtube "best skateboarding tricks ever" compilation clip here: Huge GAPs!! enjoy:)

Awesome trials team

Found some guys, that totally knocking me off, with their trial drops, and hops. And these ones making even more beautiful drops than guys in the other vids in my trials category. btw the first jump over the fence, landing on the front wheel, is my favorite one!

Trials at Hook Woods

Great trial atmosphere here at Hook Woods. Top skilled riders show their abilities of perfect balance tight jumps and very accurate moves. Here is the video, btw music is nice: If u remember, i've had a question some time before abou trial bikes, specialised and unspecialised ones. So I take my words back, cause these …