Last photo of French snowboarder Marco Siffredi on Mt Everest, 2002

Marco Siffredi was a French snowboarder who attempted to snowboard down the Hornbein Couloir on Mount Everest, he disappeared shortly after this photograph was taken when he sped down the Couloir. Read more about him here.


Sandboarding pro: Raymond Inixab

Hey hey hey, i m back, and this time with sandboarding pro Raymond! Raymond Inixab is one of the world’s most experienced sandboarders, with 2 World Sandboarding Championships under his belt (2001 & 2002) and a sandboarding training business in Namibia – home to the world’s largest sand dunes. As well as training mere mortals …

Shaun White 11 years old

Some guy on Youtube said "theres only one god..... and he's norwegian!" It was about Terje Haakonsen snowboarding. Bu take a short look at Shaun White ( he is only 11 here): For those who remember his gold half-pipe in Torino: