Monkey style climbing

NO COMMENTS for this guy: omg! he is a real spiderman! huge plastics and skills. It took place in Karnataka, was there last year, 've seen a lot of monkeys, but not that kind of)) Take a look at his climbing trick on 0:48. What's that? I guess that dude could help me to expirience …


Extreme sports clips TOP 10

Number 10 goes to: Downhill mountain biker Number 9 goes to: Street BMX riders Number 8 goes to: Skateboarding King Rodney Mullen Number 7 goes to: Amazing Bike Trial rider Number 6 goes to: Julien Dupont and his extreme street moto trials Number 5 goes to: Snowmobile double backflip by Levi LaVallee Number 4 goes …

Daniel Ilabaca parkour

This guy is great! One of the best traceurs i've ever seen. He show a lot of unbelievable parkour tricks.. and much more great acrobatics in the air. Here is his video from Lisses: And here i found some nice his moves on youtube. I wouldn't say that this one is the best of his..but …

Football freestyle meets martial arts

Take a look at that guys! I really don't know how to call that. Is it parkour soccer freestyle, or martial arts football?? But they are nice , really nice., show some extreme accurate moves.

Parkour in the year 1977

Who said David Belle was the first traceur? Take a look at this powerfuk guy, making his parkour attempts in 70s: ( VIDEO HERE ) It seems to come from documentary named "Gizmo" by Howard Smith