List of extreme sports

My list of extreme sports:

BASE Jumping: is very extreme activity that includes a parachute (can be used both parachute and wingsuit) to jump from fixed objects, with unopened parachute like skydiving. The acronym “B.A.S.E.” stands for: Building, Antenna, Span, Earth – four categories of objects from which B.A.S.E. jumper can jump.

BASE Jumping

Bodyboarding: is a kind of wave surfing. But instead of surfboard u have a rectangular piece of hydrodynamic foam.

Shape of bodyboard
Shape of board depends on riding style, and rider himself. Wiki says that bodyboarding is fastest growing extreme water sports all over the world.

Canoeing: extreme canoeing (a.k.a whitewater canoeing or whitewater racing). These extreme guys race specialised canoes and kayaks down a dangerous whitewater rivers. There is also such a class like Extreme Canoe racing, that includes much more complicated rapids, leave it for real pros πŸ™‚

Cliff Jumping:

Cliff Jumping
Extreme Motorsport: includes activities like supercross, motocross, freestyle motocross.
Activities Travis Pastrana is good at 8)

Freestyle motocross

Free Running: Parkour

Free running



Ice Climbing:

Ice climbing

Jet Skis:

jet skis


Kite surfing

Le Parkour: Free running


Extreme Biking:

BMX: Vert, Street, Dirt, Freestyle (Flatland)

BMX Freestyle


Moto trials

Mountain Biking: Downhill, Freeride, Northshore, Slope Style and other

Mountain Biking


Extreme paragliding

Rock Climbing:

Sand Boarding:

Sand Boarding

Sand Kiting:

Sand Kiting





Extreme skiing




snow kiting





White Water Rafting:

White water rafting

Wingsuit sky diving:


189 Replies to “List of extreme sports”

  1. I think there are a couple of extreme sports that are left out of this list that I do.

    Tournament Paintball (i.e. speedball)
    Whitewater rafting


    1. They do include white water rafting and the include different kinds of surfing.
      Also, paint balling is hardly a sport, let alone an extreme sport. It’s just stupid.
      Plus, nobody cares what kind of sports you do… ? So why did you even comment?


      1. Actually, it sort of IS considered a sport! It is pretty extreme… If nobody cares about what @Erik does, then nobody cares about what YOU do!


      2. for godsake, air rifle shooting is an olympic sport. in speedball you do 3 times or more the exercise you do in tennis. the only con is that its expensive


      3. Why do you need to be rude. lol He was commenting his opinion. Anything could be a sport, especially since it can be played as a team.


      4. Victoria,even though this is very late,your comment was very rude,and offensive,you NEVER,ever tell someone the sport or passion they have is stupid,that’s actually insulting them,and the sport,,and for the record,paintball IS a sport,and an actual,so THERE,I suggest you apologize to Erik


    2. Also equestrian cross country and show jumping. Cross country is very extreme because your galloping full speed on top of a horse towards a 6 ft solid jump. That’s right: Solid. If you hit it, you’re going down…hard.


    1. free running is definately a extreme sport!!!!!!! i no some 1 will have died from that!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      i wanna do everything on this list!!!!


    2. I haven’t seen people die from paintball but I know that the field regulations are very strict… that is probably the reason why no deaths are reported … you want to try playing paintball without a mask?


      1. try BASE jumping without a parachute
        or swimming with concrete shoes…

        you can make any sport extreme with the wrong gear!


      2. ok paintball is safer than most team sports no one has died from it even way back when people didnt use masks no one died people lost eye sight but never died and probably never will


      3. i know someone who died from paintball, although he died cuz he got shot up close and a fragment of the plastic from the paint ball ammo went in his eye since thats where on fis face he got shot…but the piece went into the back of his head and he died…(i didnt really know him, it was just a friends friend type thing)


    3. If you don’t think that free running is an extreme sport then you’re pretty stupid, and you’ve obviously never seen parkour/free running. So know what you’re talking about before you say anything.


    4. What if you got a paintball shot down your throat? I’ve heard of that happening before. That could kill you 😁


  2. ok chris clearly you have never seen anybody freerunning because a lot of the moves they pull off are really dangeros if you mess up and it requires a lot of stamina and physical strength.
    On another note although paint ball is fun as hell i do agree with you that its not really an “extreme” sport.


    1. try playing pro paintball … need physical strength … stamina … lots of training … and like I said try playing paintball without a mask and see what happens …that’s why field regulations are so strict


      1. yes yeesss, thats true genltemen, it requires allot of skill and allot of strenght, just becuse your shooting a “gun” does not mean piantball is a bad sport or you dont do exercise, paintball is hard and takes allot of years to master and i recommend everyone to try it youll like it


      2. Walking at the street is extreme too if a brick can fall at your head and you die… but its not . paint ball is painfull game but not an extreme.


  3. I am a photographer and i love extreme sports! I love doing them and photographing the action. If any of you are located in south calif. and do an extreme sport i would love to photograph you doing your thing. or if you know anyone or any organization that does so.

    live love laugh!



  4. I do free running and im 15 years old. My biggest jump ever was off of a 10 story flat onto a 9 story flat about 12ft away. Believe me it is extreme the adrenaline you get is unbelievable.


    1. i do parkour in london with PARKOUR GENERATIONS and yes it is an extreme sport of sorts but also more than that- its a way of life!
      yes you train to push your body to the outer limits of what you can do and can make the big jumps ect … but real parkour is about making your body into the best form it can be both phisicly and mentily so that you can overcome any problems that get in your way, this is why we see our suroundings as a playground walls as floors and gaps to be filled with movement that is true PARKOUR.


  5. jacob, freerunning and parkpur are really quite different and what kind of extreme sport is scoortering no offence?!!!????


    1. Not only are you wrong, since you can do both canoeing aswell as kayaking, you also can not spell. Get some education and learn some facts then we will continue this discussion.

      On another note paintball is quite dangerous when you do not wear a mask, but it is not an extreme sport. Case closed.

      Suit up & be legendary!


  6. I really like to try other extreme sports especially the activites that have to do with water, snow and air. So exciting! I will save this and make it a checklist for my future adventures.


  7. All these activities are awesome but paintball and airsoft are missing!!! If anyone would like to experience front to front combat action with-out the risk of being seriously injured contact me @ 562-867-9600 and ask for Gonzalo. Hollywood Sports and Giant Paintball specialize in adventurous outings for corporations looking to give their employees an exciting experience they will never forget. As the largest chain of paintball parks in the country with five locations spanning the LA, OC, Inland Empire and San Diego areas, we have been servicing the nation’s top corporations for over 25 years.


  8. wow u guys need to add ZORBING on here!!!!! (only the BEST FRICKEN CHICKEN SPORT IN THE WORRRRRLLLLLLDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


  9. Ok what about Dirtsufer its an extreme sport. I mean when was the last time your 4 wheeled skate board hit 130+ kmh. Check out youtube and look up dirtsurfer..


  10. I have to say I’ve done most of the things up here and paintball and airsoft have no business being on this list. Those two are about as extreme as crosscountry skiing. Sure you can say “come play me”, and I’d be happy to. Then after you beat me, and I walk away, alive, with maybe a couple quarter sized bruses, I will hook you up to a kite. If you dont drown, get dragged up the beach, knock yourself unconsious or kill yourself, you will understand what an extreme sport is. Lets face it, anyone can play paint ball and airsoft.


    1. It actually hurts to read all these comments. Just because you are not likely to DIE from doing a sport does not make it un extream. Just the fact that you would do a sport that you will probably die doing makes you just insane. And extream sport is a sport that gets your adreniline pumping more then a average sport and requires alot of phyical and mental exersion. If an extream sport was a chance that you would die. Then jumping off the roof of your house headfirst would be considered an extream sport. Idiots.


  11. um… can we put aligator wrestling on the list? and I like to paint ball but it is NOT XTREME. to prove this call your mom and ask her to pick wich extreme sport you should give up. She wont even mention paint ball because its not extreme and even she knows it.


  12. The next NEW EXTREME SPORT… RICH BOY TOY… we call it,
    “THE FLYING THING”, it’s like a Wing-suit on Steroids… You can order it as a glider, a glider with landing wheels if you have no fear. Runway takeoff and landing with Jet or Prop engine or both if you want a vertical takeoff & landing Rocket Ship Thrill Ride… Order today if you Dare… 100K and Up!


  13. Paintball is too an extreme sport! If “Scootering” can be considered extreme, then so can Paintball. People who are commenting against paintball have obviously never played a legit game of paintball.


    1. You people are fucking idiots. Paintball is just shooting bullets at people with rules. you’ll never understand what’s an EXTREME sport. An Extreme sport is dangerous and require lots of skills. You don’t need any balls to play paintball. just get shot and nothing really serious would happen. Skateboarding can break your body parts, and so can parkour. Parkour is running fast, jumping far and high, flipping, and lots more. Sky Diving is extreme too, and if you don’t get why, you a fucking retarded idiot.


    2. Scootering is a sport because just like skateboarding, you have to use your core body strength to do the tricks. In Paintball, you run and shoot people. There’s absolutely no “sport” in Paintball, the most you do is run & jump over obstacles. You may as well add Hunting, BB Gun fighting, Knife-throwing and Baseball to the list if you’re going to add Paintball.


    3. Scootering is a extreme sport because you are doing lots of dangerous tricks and flips. Paint ball isn’t a extreme sport because you aren’t in danger, because you have padding. And no I have not played a game of paint ball, but I want to one day.


  14. You guys didn’t even mention Street Luge. All too busy tossing off over the stupid paintball comments. Paintball is lame. GET A LIFE!


  15. haha paintball could be extreme i guess, thanks for the website though, im doin a project for contemp issues, I want do do almost everything on the list. πŸ™‚


  16. they will put body boarding but leave out skim boarding, boogie boarding, or dirt boarding, luge, roap skating, flow boarding why dont they just add cross dressing in as well,


  17. free runing is not even a sport so it isint extreame all ur doing is running dose that men evrey monday im doing a sport. no it dont who ever made this is not that smart


  18. What about paintball using marbles?

    This list doesn’t include golf πŸ™‚

    OK OK, how about waterfall climbing?
    Possibly up the Niagara falls?

    What does everyone think about soccer
    being the most physically demanding sport
    and motocross right behind it?

    Ahhh and I didn’t even make that up



  19. jesus christ!! paint ball isnt extreme, all it is is a bunch of nurdy skinny teen agers who are pretending to be at war!!!!


  20. Paint balling isn’t running around in the forest hitting each other with paint balls, that’s not even a sport. We are talking about speedball. This is with guns that are shooting 30 bps. The game should not be called an extreme sport because there’s scary guns shooting at you, but because your using every last bit of energy running around the field and snake diving, screaming callouts to your teamates. The amount of strength it takes mphysically and mentally is why it is extreme. Check out speedball videos on Youtube before you post another comment about paintball not being an extreme sport…


  21. Extreme sports and adventure sports DO NOT have a winner, unless you are taking part in a championship. It is a complete sport in itself and doesn’t rely on results or outcomes, therefore paintball is not an extreme sport.
    Parkour vs free running:
    Parkour is the fastest way of getting from point A to B, I.e. Displacement, I.e. As the crow flies.
    Free running is how you cover the distance, the style, and expression of your body, mostly stunts actually.


  22. paintball is definetly an extreme sport, sure you may not risk dying but being out there on a field half the size of a football field playing 7 vs.7 with guns shooting 15-20 paintballs a second, feels pretty extreme to me. until youve played tournament paintball dont call it out of the list.


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  24. paintball is not an extreme sport. it is suuuuper fun, but how often do people die/ break bones while playing paintball? unless you are extremely unlucky, you wont get anything more than a few bruses. free running isnt. you have to run up walls, run across walls, jump over walls and land on poles using only your hands, do flips. free running is as extreme as you chose to make it.


  25. Combat sports should be included such as boxing, Muay Thai & Boxing… And i would add paintball as well tune the psi high and see what happens


  26. Please stop the stupid argument that’s paintball is extreme. I see extreme sports which inkludert Extreme jumps/ altitude, Extreme speed, or just Frankly You have to be a big adrenaline junkie to Even dare participating. If i forget some of the extremes here its becouse i just about had it With autocorrect shait on my gf iPad seriously i give Mac dice throw 2 in usability for writing fast This took forever


  27. If you like to take more than a cup or glass of these
    areas is a Barbera d’Alba DOC from the east. The affordable offerings of Hawaii cruises. You can start with the 75-mile beach sand and do a little annoyed, to say the least.


  28. you have only been playing rec paintball but tourney paintball is extreme, normally 5v5 100 by 50 yards and markers shooting 10bps. not to mention the people behind the guns are training with them all most days of the week


  29. Um…you are kinda an idiot because a boy just died from free running/ Parkour last month…#RIP
    And talk what you know if… you know nothing about Parkour/ Free running then STFU!!


  30. Hi. I am from Malaysia. I am interested to know more regarding your entry. I wanna ask three questions.
    1) What windsurfing is all about?
    2) Where can I find the place of this activity?
    3) In your opinion, what is the most challenging activities


  31. Hey, can someone give me a piece of advice about an action camera? I have a good occasion to buy an used drift stealth camera? My friend says it perfect for recording motorcycle riding – that’s what I want to do with it πŸ™‚ I saw it and it looks ok, small, light, sleek (not a cube) and without any additional sticks. Have someone here used it? What’s your opinion about this camera?


  32. If you ask me, I would say that there’s a reason that hasn’t yet been mentioned as to why Paintball and Speedball aren’t widely considered to be “extreme” sports. Although they may be painful, physically and mentally challenging, many non-extreme sports also have those characteristics like American Football for example. However Paintball is missing one of the key elements of extreme sports. In Paintball two teams are always in direct competition, there is always a clearly defined winner and loser. However that’s not the case in real extreme sports. Real extreme sports are more subjective, they center around facing your fears and improving yourself, not around winning. Lastly, real extreme sports were born out of passion for the sport, and a FRIENDLY competitive spirit was (sometimes) added after the establishment of the sport, resulting in a more positive atmosphere around that sport. I win the longest comment award.


  33. Bridge swinging is pretty awesome , instead of getting the jolt and being flung around whilst bungee jumping. your upright and have a better view .!!


  34. Paintball is not extreme, it is just as extreme as airsoft, it is called airsoft for a reason, it is the safety, little kids do it, if you were using real guns, then it would be extreme. Snowboarding is the most extreme in my opinion, but only if you go down fucking class four mountains with a parachute on


  35. Well you’re all thinking that paintball is just shooting a fake gun, but just think of the fundamentals?? You are constantly running, ducking, etc… and if it involves objects being shot at you,it could end very badly. Extreme sports don’t have to mean death, it just needs to be more dangerous or fast-paced than your normal sports like running.


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