Biking trials

Here some cycling news, and some new videos.. How about some guys , who show some parkour on their bikes. Yeah i mean some trial pro riders. They making some unbelievable bike tricks: like drop from a 10 feet!! Frankly speaking, in my opinion biking trials, is really most interesting and perfect-looking style in cycling …

Kite surfing: Nice skills

Great kiteboarders surfing somewhere near Tenerife island. They show some beautiful slills in kitesurfing with their incredible turns and board grabs: can't find great kitesurfer Manu Bertin videos. 'll post later

Downhill mountain biking

Here's some extreme mountain biking video. It's the longest downhill mountain bike ride ever. Really i've never seen the guys keep going on their downhill bikes for so long. All the videos u meet on YouTube and PinkBike - it is fallin and then again fallin.. bonebrakers!!!.. But this dude is a real pro.. and …

Julien Dupont great trial freestyler

Great trial freestyle on the streets of Lyon. This dude making some awesome freestyle moves on his trial bike: His name is Julien Dupont. And his one of guys that bring great extreme motorsport like moto trial up to the streets.

Mountain bike stunts

Take alook at this guy, doing amazing stunts on his mountain bike. His wheelies are something extraordinary!! So what can I say about his no-handed wheelies! Woow!

Football freestyle meets martial arts

Take a look at that guys! I really don't know how to call that. Is it parkour soccer freestyle, or martial arts football?? But they are nice , really nice., show some extreme accurate moves.

Parkour in the year 1977

Who said David Belle was the first traceur? Take a look at this powerfuk guy, making his parkour attempts in 70s: ( VIDEO HERE ) It seems to come from documentary named "Gizmo" by Howard Smith